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Ветеринарните лекари и персоналът във ветеринарна клиника „Глобал Вет“ са готови да предоставят на вашия домашен любимец състрадателна и цялостна ветеринарномедицинска помощ. От профилактични прегледи и ваксини до напреднала диагностика и сложни хирургични процедури, вашето куче или котка ще получат висококачествени грижи при нас.crypto365

Във ветеринарна клиника „Глобал вет“ разбираме, че вашият домашен любимец е много специална част от вашето семейство. Всеки ден се стремим да ви предоставим възможно най-добрата ветеринарна помощ. Полагаме големи грижи да направим това по начин, който намалява или премахва стреса, който вие и вашият домашен любимец може да почувствате, когато идвате при нас.вибромаса


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  • Christoph Hartmann
    Christoph Hartmann
    11 months ago

    Very polite staff. They really take time and consult honestly. Prices are ok and told before. I can recommend Globalvet.

  • Nikola Kakrinski
    Nikola Kakrinski
    3 years ago

    Real professionals! Nice and good people!

  • Vladislav Lazarov
    Vladislav Lazarov
    11 months ago

    I am extremely disappointed with the "clinic" and in particular with Dr. Hristov. An arrogant non-professional who refused to examine our 3-month-old vomiting puppy during working hours. On top of that, we had an appointment for vaccination the next day with them. The pathetic form of something like an explanation he gave was that you had a commitment after that and didn't want to start examining the dog because it would take time!?! In conclusion, I will recommend Paradise, the clinic we went to and where they behaved professionally and with great attitude. I wish Hristov to realize his mistake and return to the original idea he had when he decided to become a veterinarian and regain his devotion to animals.

  • Tsvetko Iliev
    Tsvetko Iliev
    4 months ago

    100% professionalism and positive attitude!

  • Todor Nikolov
    Todor Nikolov
    a year ago

    I emphasize that my comment is related to a clinic from the chain in Samokov !!! Hopefully in Sofia it is different! I had not encountered such brazen behavior, lack of responsibility and cowardice for a long time! I don't know, I realize that they take care of animals, but they are still doctors ... to help, to have morals and commitment to a living being !!?! In 2 words .. My dog ​​has a problem .. not big, but painful for him. I went to Sunday, the so-called The doctor examined him, tried to correct him 1.2 times, but he found it complicated, he didn't have time now, etc .. Anyway .. We agreed to talk today to confirm my day and time for a small operation. .. I left on Sunday with the idea to wait until Tuesday, to clarify and within day two to solve the problem. I have not looked for other options (which is a lesson for me), and I want to be correct, because I think so. One has to be at least responsible, especially in this profession .. Anyway .. and .. guess after the call today ... He didn't have time, he couldn't help .. But we talked .. we had an appointment .. why? He couldn't be engaged .. We understood .. should the animal suffer .. why didn't you tell me on Sunday .. (if you already had commitments, you knew why you lied, doctor ?? If you didn't, we understand. why did you lie to me and let the animal suffer unnecessarily these days ?? Aren't you a doctor ... I'm glad that the conversation was on the phone, not in person !!! I advise everyone to be especially careful with the arrangements in this clinic and on opportunity to look for other options, otherwise the negative is at their expense, as happened to me !!


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